Senior Experience Designer

hi, i'm Nelson

A senior experience designer with a passion for creating products, solving problems, and delivering empathetic user experiences, I'm also honored to be known for developing new frameworks and processes to help teams work more efficiently and effectively (a colleague called me a "Framework Wizard").Whether I'm working solo or collaboratively, my goal is always to create the best possible experience for users. I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow, so please don't hesitate to reach out and let's chat!

User Experience Philosophies

  1. Empathy-first, we’re all people.

  2. Do no harm, design shouldn’t hurt.

  3. "Perfect” doesn’t exist, don’t chase it.

  4. Gut checks are good. Ask early + often.

  5. Always ask “why” something is important and who it’s important to.



Pre-qualification is a free and easy process that can help you save time and money when shopping for a car.Our team's work streamlined the process to 3 minutes, never touches your credit, and unlocks monthly payment amounts on every car in CarMax's inventory.We also redefined the "unhappy path" mindset for the Finance and Product organizations within CarMax.


Mobile shopping app

The Publix app is your one-stop shop for saving money and time on your grocery shopping. Browse personalized deals, order your favorite deli items for pickup, create shopping lists, and pay for your groceries at checkout with your phone.From building the functionality to order meals ahead of time (even the subs and cakes) to completely overhauling the visuals, this native app was a huge collaborative effort.


Enterprise Sales Tool

Originally an internal sales tool built to replace the original CarMax sales tool from the 1990s, this project was a complete overhaul of the experience, interface, both frontend and backend systems.As we celebrate the company's 30 year anniversary, this tool is being rolled out to all associates nationwide to overwhelmingly positive feedback!

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